1. "Analytical and numerical methods for option pricing"

        Organizer: Maria Rosario Grossinho, ISEG Lisboa


  1. "Analytical methods in computational finance"

        Organizers: Andrea Pascucci, University of Bologna & Stefano Pagliarani, University of Udine


  1. "Approximation methods from numerics, probability and statistical learning in computational finance"

        Organizer: Kathrin Glau, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and Queen Mary University of London


  1. "Consumption and investment under mortality risk"

        Organizer: Jaime Londoño, Universidad Nacional de Colombia


  1. "Local volatility models and inverse problems"

        Organizer: Jorge Zubelli, IMPA de Brasil


  1. "Machine learning methods in computational finance"

        Organizers: Anastasia Borovyk & Kees Oosterlee, CWI Amsterdam


  1. "Young researchers Minysimposium on computational finance"

        Organizers: José Germán López-Salas, University of A Coruña & Lorenc Kapllani, University of Wuppertal